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Rant rant rant rant rant. Blah blah blarg blah.

The thing about me is that I never consider dating someone unless I’m 100% I’m interested in that person. I should just throw that out the window. I can’t keep searching for love at first sight. It’s stupid and I just need to get out of my fairy tale land. Honestly, I get terrified when a guy confesses he likes me. My first reaction is to gtfo because I don’t know how to react. If I’m completely not interested I turn the guy down right on the stop (in the nicest way possible). But if I might be interested in him I just avoid him or give a vague answer then avoid. I just need to give these guys a chance. I mean, I’m pretty sure my 어머니 wasn’t head-over-heels for my dad when they first met. My nana turned my grandpa down a couple times before her friend persuaded her to go out with him. They’ve been married over 50 years and I can tell she’s terrified of losing him. Maybe one of these maybes could end up being my ever after.

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