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Well shit, he paints better than I do.

I want a puppy painting!!

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because jesus fucking christ I need some more faith in humanity right now after seeing that Beiberbot or whatever the fuck they call themselves post

Can’t seriously believe people don’t know who she is.

Not only that but some of his fans were basically sending her death threats …



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Ah!! I am so in love with this man.

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I’ve been gone for weeks and this was just a great message to return to.

  1. My middle name is Korean.
  2. I take great pride in my nails. I care for them, clean them, polish them, etc. It’s just difficult growing long nails when you work as a bartender.
  3. I am a bartender. At a golf club.
  4. My boyfriend is almost seven months my junior.
  5. I have a pet betta fish named “The Great Emperor Sushi VI” or “Sushi” for short. He is the sixth betta since 2009 I’ve owned. I’ve have a few more before the Sushi line.
  6. My favorite Pokémon is Houndoom, and its pre-evolution Houndour. I never really got into the myth, but the Hell Hound was one I found intriguing, hence my love for the Fire Hound Pokémon.
  7. I have one clubbed thumb. It annoys me to no end the fact that my thumbs are extremely different.
  8. My boyfriend is the first to not make fun of any one of my physical flaws. He actually lets me know how much he adores each one and does so at random.
  9. My favorite color is a soft pink. My second is a baby blue.
  10. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt this fiercely about anyone I’ve been in a relationship with before.


Perhaps you have, sir.
Perhaps you have

People read books for different reasons. I respect that. Some read for comfort. And some of my former readers have said their life is hard, their mother is sick, their dog died, and they read fiction to escape. They don’t want to get hit in the mouth with something horrible. And you read that certain kind of fiction where the guy will always get the girl and the good guys win and it reaffirms to you that life is fair. We all want that at times. There’s a certain vicarious release to that. So I’m not dismissive of people who want that. But that’s not the kind of fiction I write, in most cases. It’s certainly not what Ice and Fire is. It tries to be more realistic about what life is. It has joy, but it also had pain and fear. I think the best fiction captures life in all its light and darkness.
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Show them how it feels to lose what they love.

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I’ve been spoiled for the past four nights. I’ve become accustomed to sleeping next to you on a twin bed. Come fall asleep next to me. The fall is too far away to wait and I’m impatient.